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We work closely with executive boards of all types of organisation to support their decision-making in untangling present brand risk situations and ensuring the future of their brand in the digital world.
Digital Brands - a boardroom concern 
New threats demand new mindseTS

The increasing complexity of internet brand management has created a major challenge for large marketers. We believe that securing, protecting and maximizing the value of online intellectual property assets is a strategic issue at the heart of a forward-thinking company. A properly managed domain name portfolio is the key to making a company sustainable in the long term and to remain highly competitive.


Introducing internet IP asset policies will reduce important financial losses, minimize the administrative burden and enable a company to stay at the forefront of online speculative tendencies. A proactive digital brand protection strategy is key in staying abreast with growing and protecting a brand online and making the appropriate investments which are tailored to the company’s needs and budget.


Our approach is to identify in collaboration with key decision makers, the main strategic issues associated with their internet IP assets/domain names and online revenue channels, including protection, cost effectiveness and return on investment. We work towards a clear and detailed action plan and offer support and advice to reach the goal of a successfully implemented strategy and policy and adopted technologic solution.


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2010 - present

2010 - present

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