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Online Retail & Subscription Services

We are familiar with the online risks confronting your industry

Online sales are growing by more than 19% a year and will be of almost $4 trillion by 2020. Global E-commerce sales is led by Europe with 34%, USA with 29% and Asia with 27%.


Online consumers choose E-commerce mostly to save time but also to get more variety and to easily compare prices. Actually more than 50% of the online population has shopped online more than once.

The growth of E-commerce has been growing continuously and so has the number of online opportunist and fraudsters taking advantage of consumers' evolving online search behaviours in the comfort of their own homes. Although retail sales are moving from the physical world and into cyberspace, new types of robbery and fraud are quickly developing creating challenges as price conscious shoppers find fakes while looking for bargains. As a matter of fact, bargain hunters are more likely to place an item in an online cart when shopping on sites selling counterfeit goods. The result is a disappointed consumer who find a fake rather than a bargain when the goods are received. This results in increased customer complaints and decreased customer loyalty.

As there exists more E-commerce sites selling counterfeit good than E-commerce sites selling legitimate goods it is paramount that brand owners proactively protect their E-commerce initiatives by assessing fraudulent activities and securing online properties containing bargain-related and counterfeit-related terms internationally and locally in relevant languages. Companies that take steps to minimise the chances brandjackers come between their customers and their brands will likely see a return on their investment for years to come.

Tailored consulting services include;

  • E-commerce Brand Analysis

  • E-commerce Vulnerability Research

  • Affiliate Marketing Protection

  • Online Customer Risk Protection

Contact us for more information about our consulting services developed for the E-commerce Industry.​

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