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Digital Brand Security


Keep your brand, business and customers safe.

Defend your revenue streams against leakage. Build a powerful digital brand footprint.

Streamline brand protection operations to save and protect business interests online

Never before has business operations been so vulnerable against abuse, intrusion, identify theft and a myriad of other types of bad faith actions initiated on a daily basis around the world. An effective digital brand management involves the participation of marketing, legal and IT together with management executives and has a direct impact on digital performance, revenues, costs and brand integrity. Let us help lower costs, minimise risks and avoid losing revenue by optimising the security of your brand online. Work to secure your online brand against fraudulent behaviour aimed at your business and implement future-proof digital brand protection strategies in order to withstand growing brand-threats in cyberspace.

Domain Portfolio Optimisation

Secure digital presence, identify and reduce brand abuse locally, resolve issues, reduce loss of traffic and minimise risks. 

Security Optimisation

Improving security by addressing brand-based vulnerabilities affecting business operations and corporate security.

Brand Protection Optimisation


Optimise brand protection initiatives, gain deeper understanding of threats and establish cost effective brand enforcement policies.

Brand Management Optimisation


Attain efficient and multi-departmental addressing online brand protection strategy, improve communication and implement escalation procedures. 

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Additional Security Elements

Research Team

E-mail and Brand Impersonation Threat Hunting

Take a stance against cyber espionage, email leakage and man-in-the-mailbox (MITM) attacks and protect your organization against data-breaches and cyber espionage often leading to well-constructed impersonating spear-phishing attacks.

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Social Media Brand Protection & Enforcement

Prevent consumers from potentially being misled by unrelated parties posing as brand owners.

By securing and protecting the best and most intuitive usernames and suspending abusive activities will enable online users to access brands quickly and securely. With hundreds of social networks today, a brands presence in this space is a crucial component to its overall findability.​


- Prioritize names most crucial to a brand's overall social media strategy​

- Secure available names for the brand in order to promote i.e. vanity URLs

- Identifying infringing usernames which are infringing your rights

- Research and monitor social networks

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