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cost efficiency, discretion and confidentiality worldwide.

Being intentional and holistic about digital brand enforcement enables a company to benefit in many ways from a central enforcement strategy. When optimising or simply regaining control of a brand across markets, there are a number of valuable tactics to play by in order to retain a high level of cost efficiency, discretion and confidentiality.

Digital Enforcement Services

The basic need for recovering a domain name can start in different areas within an organisation. Launching a new brand/product or even addressing a threat such as a cybersquatter or combating fraudulent activities such a traffic diversion are valuable reasons for securing a domain name.


Recovering and regaining control of your brand online and around the world is not just following a number of processes and winning over a random domain name after the other. There are enormous differences between domain names and therefore it is crucial to prioritise domain names which have the most important impact here and now on a company's revenue, reputation and security. The cost of allowing another party to use a domain name which leverages your trademark in bad faith can be measured in terms of lost traffic and revenue, potential brand damage, budget leakage and e-mail theft.

Recovering domain names can be a profitable process if done right. In many cases, recovering a domain name will pay for itself and more. This entails knowing exactly what mechanisms lie behind a fraudulent domain name which are undermining a company's competitive advantage, revenue and digital performance.​

Services we provide include the following;

  • UDRP Complaints

  • Domain Name Suspension

  • Mobile App Takedown

  • Website Takedown

  • Copyright Infringement Complaint

  • Social Media Fraud Mitigation

  • eCommerce Fraud Mitigation

Defending your brand against fraudulent websites that defraud consumers and sell brand impersonating products is no small task.

Our in-house enforcement team helps brands detect, investigate and take strategic action against such jeopardising activities across European, US and other global markets.

Wooden Architecture

​Domain Name Complaint Management - (Strategy & Fulfillment)

We also enable brand owners to effectively manage all domain name complaints and acquisitions across global markets under one service.


First we combine elements of abuse type, damage level to the company, budget and resources needed to take action against fraudulent and speculative activities.

This service helps companies create an overall brand abuse assessment in order to schematise the abuse targeted at the company.

Digital Asset Liquidation & Brokerage

We assist clients with strategic domain acquisitions and cost-saving domain auction bidding across global markets.

During a domain portfolio optimisation  project, a number of domain names can also no longer carry any value to the company but can instead be sold in order to raise capital for ie. a costly generic domain name acquisition or to simply bring some room in to the company's yearly online brand management budget.

We therefore enable companies to monetise on domain assets that are no longer essential or necessary to their business and which still have value either from being associated with a 3rd party product/brand, industry category or from the inherent built-in traffic.

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