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Virtual Brand Security Officer (VBSO) and Integrated Advisory Services

Leveraging our brand security experts to help secure your brand and business.

What is a VBSO and Why Do I Need One?

Zeusmark’s Virtual Brand Security Officer helps organisations protect their business, infrastructure, data, people and customers from a brand-based perspective. Our VBSO service helps a company build and manage a sustainable online brand security program and weave together strategic and technical excellence together with organisational engagement and awareness on a fixed monthly engagement program, guaranteeing cost certainty and effectivity while proactively securing your brand and business across cyberspace.

"A successful digital brand is a well-managed one. To be well managed, the protection, the governing and its adaption to evolving threats must be understood and respected by senior management, legal and marketing executives who rely on its value."

With the VBSO's guidance, the health of your digital brand will be strengthened through the establishment of a future-proof brand security strategy, internal awareness programs, digital brand policies and cyber compliance initiatives across markets and channels. Furthermore, tactical enforcement strategies and the adoption of appropriate online brand protection software can be implemented.


An increasing number of businesses are falling prey to brandfraud and related sophisticated cyberattacks. Today, brand-based cyberattacks are constructed with a steadily increasing level of sophistication making it more challenging to identify and mitigate. As cybercrime technology evolves, your organisation’s online traffic, confidential corporate data and online sales becomes more vulnerable to risks.

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These are some of the elements the VBSO provide;

  • Online Brand Security Project Management

  • Online Brand Risk Mapping & Enforcement Management

  • Online Fraud Awareness Programs & Guidelines

  • Corporate Domain Portfolio Design & Strategy

  • Effective Domain Management Initiation

  • Online Brand Infringement & Mitigation Management

  • In-House Brand Protection Data Championing

  • Website & Content Take-Down and Suspension

  • Online Brand Protection Strategy


The VBSO will be fully supported by Zeusmark at all times.

Alternative situations where your VBSO also will be valuable:

  • In relation to securing the creation of a new name or brand launch

  • In relation to a merger and acquisition

  • In relation to selecting a provider

  • In relation to a cost saving initiatives

  • To conduct internal workshops and coaching programs

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Ready to hear more about how your company can benefit from having a Digital Brand Security Officer on your team?

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