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Domain Name Strategy Services

Developing a successful online brand identity is critical for a company's long-term success. The creation and development of a new digital brand identity involves having a clear understanding of the risks and opportunities associated with any potential name. Being well prepared and proactive in this process can save a company from avoiding unnecessary high costs, unexpected loss of performance and weakened brand ROI.


We provide advisory and scientific services to assist global corporations and branding agencies with enhancing brand security and proactively reduce naming related digital vulnerabilities.


With the internet now having become center stage for almost any brand, new challenges have arised in the naming and brand creation process. Therefore choosing a brand name today also involves existing cyber risks and web traffic challenges associated with the name.

For more information on how we can assist you with taking appropriate steps with identifying and intelligently securing your new brand online, please contact us.

Domain Portfolio Structuring

Domain Portfolio Structuring helps brand management, marketing and legal professionals with intelligently reassessing their digital assets for the brand to remain future proof and secure and to further profit from online marketing initiatives.

In now days, corporations fully understand that it is a must to continuously assess, modify and manage a domain portfolio ad infinitum reflecting corporate, business and product changes while vigorously addressing evolving risks online.

As with all other areas of the business, companies need a cost effective, top-down approach to manage their domain name portfolios to balance the cost/risk/return relationship. While a sound strategy and reliable management system are the long-term keys to maintain a portfolio that minimizes risk and costs, progressive companies are further enhancing their domain name strategy with value-based analysis and metrics.

Companies that employ a data driven portfolio optimisation strategy get an accurate picture of the value provided by their domains and can systematically eliminate low value domains from the portfolio. In addition to identifying low value domains for deletion, the analysis can identify closely associated domains of value that may not be registered and which are advised to be secured.

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