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No Domain Names - No Digital Marketing 
We deliver holistic and strategic digital brand managment programs to leading media agencies. Our initiatives support and secure both creation and protection of online brands covering from Internet brand identity establishment to proactive digital marketing and reputation enforcement strategies.
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Venture Capital

Portfolio Services

We protect venture capital firms' investments with

Preventative Digital Brand Protocols

We offer a range of tailored digital brand security advisory services that help

venture capital firms protect their investments and ensure the long-term success of the companies they fund. As digital brand health becomes a growing key factor for venture capital firms, we enable our clients to gain broad visibility in order to make powerful decisions.



We work with VC firms to protect their investments while boosting digital brand security awareness across executive teams.

Venture capital firms play an important role in the start-up ecosystem by providing funding and resources to early-stage business ventures of all kinds. However, as these companies grow and expand, they often face digital brand challenges as a result of unaddressed digital brand risks and unidentified cyber vulnerabilities which over time weaken digital performance and corrupt the brand’s overall digital footprint.

A main reason why it is important for venture capital firms to have digital brand security protocols in place for their investments is to ensure that certain proactive digital brand protection measures are in implemented in order to strengthen the company’s digital foundation while future-proofing its digital operations. A such protocol will also help avoid indefinite loss of digital assets and unnecessary administrative expenditures.

We provide venture capital firms with guidance to secure their investments by future-proofing the brands that they invest in.


These strategic action can include;

+ Performing digital brand health checks.

+ Developing digital brand security strategies.

+ Implementing digital brand protection policies.

+ Building robust digital brand asset portfolios.

+ Recover and assemble brand assets for projects in stealth mode.

+ Delivering digital brand risk intelligence for investment or negotiation purposes.


As digital brand health becomes a growing key factor for venture capital firms, we enable our clients to gain broad visibility in order to make powerful decisions.

Zeusmark VC Direct

Our VC Direct service caters to VC firms who wish to gain visibility into one of their investments by fx conducting an digital brand risk audit, perform a digital brand optimisation exercise or develop a digital brand security strategy.

Zeusmark VC Partner

Our VC Partner program caters to VC firms who wish to implement intentional and standardised digital brand security protocols across their investment portfolios. This program enables VC firms attain better visibility to the status of each of their investments’ digital footprint bringing increased digital IP control, ensuring digital brand performance and heightening profitability while bringing confidence to each investment’s overall digital presence.

For more information on how we can add value to the digital future-proofing of your investments, please contact Chief Strategy Consultant, JJ Wulff to schedule a call.

Protect your investments by bringing strategic awareness to digital brand risk across executive teams and during start-up expansions.

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