We believe that a solid and ever-evolving domain name portfolio design is necessary to protect revenues and defend brands against today’s online threats.
We provide clear and data-based opinions as to the actions and tactical strategies which can be implemented in order to enhance online brand protection efforts.
Domain Names - A business' most critical online asset 
Complex Digital Assets to be Handeled with Sophistication

The number of registered domain names has passed 250 million and it is no secret that brand owners were slow to react to the pace and magnitude in which the Internet changed their marketplace. Trademark and copyright holders have been challenged in ways not seen before and have, at the same time, little internal resources to keep up with the developments which rapidly can be damaging to their corporate identity and brands. This is why online brand infringement is costing companies billions in lost revenue and legal costs.


We provide advice to our clients on the risks and opportunities associated with their corporate domain portfolio and further develop proactive programs to achieve the most effective domain portfolio design and performance, cost reduction and best practices.


We provide methodologies to attain a healthy domain portfolio structure, transparency and online brand security. With a wide experience from having advised trademark owners globally on how to wisely stay on top of the digital game, we look forward to partnering with you and securing the future of your brand.


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