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We are passionate problem-solvers with a reputation of excellence, compassion and innovation.

We assist guardians of ambitious global brands with ​​​​​​​​​​implementing intelligent digital brand security, internet enforcement strategies and best practices in order ​to safeguard brand equity, consumer trust and satisfaction throughout the digital​ world.


Zeusmark is a boutique consulting company specialised in online brand security management, helping brand owners, law firms and digital marketing agencies with maximizing the return of domain name portfolios and boosting online competitive advantage through effective domain name strategy, policies and brand protection best practices. At Zeusmark, we are a team experienced with assisting Global 2000 companies make decisions in regards to securing the right domain names, minimising online risk and reducing cost.


The firm was established to meet the growing demand of independent advice in a specialized field, which has an important impact on how companies do business online. We understand the issues, challenges and speculative tendencies companies are confronted with and work closely with our clients to bring that business-critical advice and insight knowledge. We bring extensive international expertise from the corporate domain management and online brand protection industry.

​Zeusmark is an independent consulting company which is not owned by or affiliated with any domain name registrar. The company's consultants are highly objective and enable corporations to affordably achieve a greater protection and understanding of evolving digital risks affecting their brand identity, digital assets and corporate reputation in the digital world.




"By addressing the growing threats of online brand abuse, marketing fraud and unauthorised channels, we enable a secure Internet for businesses and their customers."



Founder & CEO

Why Zeusmark?



The Internet is constantly evolving as a much more complex and dynamic tool. Therefore future online brand infringement and fraud is a near certainty for just about every current major business.​ In order to stay ahead of the curb in regards to the continuous growth of online risk and brand abuse, corporations have to assess, modify and manage a digital brand ad infinitum reflecting corporate, business and product changes while vigorously addressing evolving risks on the Internet.

To enable the creation of an effective and profitable corporate digital brand program, companies must have a profound understanding of the domain name space and of how online fraudsters operate across markets and social platforms. It is also important to recognise that the address bar and browsers of millions of desktop and mobile devices around the world are all direct Internet interaction points, where strategic and measurable value is driven.

Determining how companies’ business model interacts with each of these factors enables leading brands to identify opportunities and risks in the domain name space and necessarily optimise and regulate global portfolios in order to further protect competitive advantages online.

Our approach is based on intensive industry knowledge, research and proven methodologies. On behalf of our clients, we continuously analyse cyberspace to identify tendencies, balance risks against costs, and develop new and proactive ways of handling trademarks online.

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