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Advisory Services

- we bring clarity, insight and rigour to organisational decisons.

Brands are affected in numerous ways by online fraud and trademark infringement and demand industry-specific, compliance-oriented and customised solutions. We add strategic value to boards, management and IP teams through delivery of world class scientific digital brand protection resources, brandjacking mitigation, process optimisation capabilities, advanced fraud intelligence gathering and online enforcement solutions.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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Filling the Gap between Offline and Online Brand Enforcement

Online brand infringement reaches new hights year after year and the tactics used target apparel and luxury brands, the airline and hospitality industry as well as the financial sector the most costing brand owners more than $150 billion per year in lost revenue.


Brand owners and executives around the world are seeing a steady growth in challenges related to online enforcement, including areas such as, domain complaint proceedings, website takedowns, domain recovery, registration services and the implementation of online protection and naming projects.


With our expert knowledge and solid experience from having assisted leading IP firms, global corporates and celebrities, we focus on helping businesses with their domain name activities and enabling the expansion of digital brand security capabilities.

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