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No Domain Names - No Digital Marketing 
We deliver holistic and strategic digital brand managment programs to leading media agencies. Our initiatives support and secure both creation and protection of online brands covering from Internet brand identity establishment to proactive digital marketing and reputation enforcement strategies.
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Naming and Branding

Security Services

We empower naming and branding agencies with

Proactive Digital Brand Security

Creating marketing solutions also means promoting and creating online identity. Therefore we assist leading naming, branding and media agencies with protecting their clients marketing investments in relation to brand and product launches, mergers and acquisitions and when press releases are broadcasted as such activities make brands vulnerable if certain proactive actions are not initiated ahead of time.



We work with naming and branding agencies on the brand security-related concerns and issues that arise from the creative process.

Digital marketing spend is set to reach $638 billion in 2023. This has over the years attracted numerous types of abuse techniques which keep evolving such as affiliate fraud, pay-per-click scams, illegitimate online sales and traffic theft in general which need to be addressed proactively and with great attention. When creating a brand or a company name you need to understand the risks and vulnerabilities affiliated with each particular name that you entail putting into use.


These can include;

+ Brand collision often resulting in traffic and email leakage.

+ Phonetic collision often resulting in traffic and email leakage.

+ Exisiting domain coverage and security vulnerabilities.

+ Early disclosure often resulting in loss of critical digital assets.

+ Deficient Web3 coverage and brand protection measures.


We build client-shaped proactive strategies and managed solutions that create a secure, intentional and responsible online environment that matters to business continuity and e-commerce performance.

We have helped leading brands and visionary start-ups start off on the right foot when embarking on their highly-anticipated business venture.

For more information on how we can add value to the delivery of your digital marketing and branding solutions, please contact Chief Strategy

Consultant, JJ Wulff to schedule a call.

Reap profound benefits from addressing digital brand security prior to any brand or company launch.

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