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Web3 Brand Security and Enablement

Zeusmark is at the forefront of brand security in the Web3 space.


Our proactive approach, combined with our advanced threat analytics, allows us to offer a comprehensive Web3 brand protection services. The Internet is constantly evolving as a much more complex and dynamic tool. Therefore future online brand abuse is a near certainty for just about every current business. We're committed to safeguarding our clients' brands, ensuring their digital performance and security.

We offer a wide range of Web3 services, from strategic portfolio design and consultation to secure blockchain domain detection, acquisition and management.

Web3 Brand Enablement

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We provide advisory and project management services to assist global corporations and branding agencies with adopting Web3 and establishing a solid brand foundation across blockchains.

Considering the future of Web3, we help brands with taking necessary precautions to make sure they are appropriately protecting their brand and IP.

Services we provide include:

- Web3 brand establishment strategy

- Blockchain domain registration

- Wallet and custody security set-up

- Sub-domain naming strategy & policy development

Web3 Brand Security & Custody Solutions

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Effective brand protection in Web3 is a collaborative process. As we continually conduct risk assessment across popular blockchains to identify abuse and bad faith tendencies, we closely work with internal teams to help build a registration and enforcement strategy in order to keep the company's brand safe.

Being ready for Web3 and taking advantage of many types of experiences from the Web2 era - we are able to implement numerous security measures so that all potential threats are address proactively.

We understand that each brand has different types of security needs in the Web3 space, therefore we work closely with our clients to develop and implement customised strategies that address their specific challenges, providing comprehensive protection against evolving risks and threats.

Services we provide include:

- Web3 brand risk assessment

- Web3 blockchain investigations

- Blockchain domain security policy development

- Blockchain brand monitoring

- Blockchain domain recovery

For more information on how we can assist you with taking appropriate steps with optimising your existing brand or proactively identifying and intelligently securing your new brand online, please schedule a consultation.

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