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Luxury & Fashion Industry​​​​

We are familiar with the online risks confronting your industry

Almost everyone wants a bargain, but when it comes to shopping for luxury handbags and high quality goods online, the deals are often too good to be true. Given the obvious attractions of these well know brands, it is no surprise that savvy opportunists selling suspicious goods attract online shoppers to their sites. It is also no surprise that these fake websites generate high amounts of traffic - visits to suspicious websites represent nearly half the traffic generated by the legitimate dot com websites.

Cybersquatting, black hat SEO and paid search scams are amongst the most popular ways that fraudsters take advantage of legitimate brand names together with interactive marketing techniques resulting in a growing competition for web traffic between legitimate luxury marketers and suspected counterfeiters.


As the luxury industry continue to embrace the internet landscape, it is vital that the industry adresses the financial and reputational threats established by online counterfeiters, paid search scams and other forms of online brand abuse in order to protect and safeguard forecasted ROIs and brand reputation.

Tailored consulting services include;

  • Digtal Luxury Brand Risk Analysis

  • Digital Luxury Brand Vulnerability Research

  • Brand Protection Reassessment & Strategy

  • Agent & Licensee Digital Brand Protection Policy

Contact us for more information about our consulting services developed for the Luxury Goods Industry.​

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