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Managed Digital Brand

Security Services


Digital Brand Complexities

Proactivity is key. Being proactive is about taking responsibility for your brand. Companies who ignore this will be more prone to experiencing business hardship and unexpected system failure. By knowing fraudster’s tactics it is possible to get ahead of most of these tactics enabling a company to save exponentially on unexpected costs and a weakened reputation which arise when fraudsters start targeting your brand.


Unbiased strategic partnership

With a holistic approach to digital brand health, we care about the success of your brand.

360 degree
brand security expertise

We enable you to make strategic online brand protection decisions at the right time

Hands-on project execution

We provide effective and cost saving tailored solutions

Inter-departmental and cross-functional

We share new and critical knowledge with members across your organisation


ZeusmarkManaged is our full service solution for any brand or organisation wanting to optimise digital brand security. Our expert client service team will assist with the entire process of establishing and/or maintaining online brand protection; domain name strategy, cyber fraud detection, fraud mitigation, domain complaint management, website takedown and ongoing assessment reporting.


Holistic approach


Educational w/workshops


In-person, Telephone & Email


ZeusmarkRISK™ (Digital Brand Risk Assessment Solution) is an assessment tool for companies looking to consitnually understand developing risks and threats that face their brands and assess their position in relation to the evolving digital environment across web2 and web3.

In-depth Research

Expert analysis


Taking all business areas into account


Executive reporting

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