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JJ Wulff
Chief Strategy Consultant, Author & Founder

JJ Wulff is a recognised expert in the field of online brand protection, brand-based cyber security and corporate domain name strategy and has been advising Fortune 500, European Top 500 companies, New York Times bestselling authors and legendary music artists on domain name strategy, online brand protection and other internet IP-related initiatives for 20 years. Before establishing Zeusmark Group, JJ served as Business Development Executive for digital brand protection companies such as, MarkMonitor (now Opsec), Melbourne IT DBS, NetNames (now CSC Digital Brand Services) and VeriSign Digital Brand Management Services.


JJ is the Founder and CEO of the Zeusmark Group and advises clients seeking to address the global challenges of online brand protection and the need for continuous optimization of their digital brand security initiatives.

Prior to founding Zeusmark, JJ served as Business Development Executive for NetNames, (now CSC Digital Brand Services) in New York and California, where he advised Fortune 500 companies and developed business strategies to further penetrate the United States and Canadian markets following the acquisition of Ascio Technologies A/S and Envisional Ltd. Prior to NetNames, JJ served as Business Development Executive and Head of France for Australian-listed Melbourne IT in Paris, where he was responsible for developing the French market and further assisting French leading brands such as Thales, Nissan Europe and HSBC with understanding the online threat landscape. Prior to Melbourne IT DBS, JJ served as Business Development Executive and Head of Nordics for MarkMonitor Inc. As founding staff member of MarkMonitor International Ltd., JJ was in charge of bringing MarkMonitor into Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. He achieved a strong market position and advised Global 2000 companies such as H&M, Scania, Saab, Rockwool, Vestas, Borealis, Actavis and simultaneously provided customised brand protection solutions to protect FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games in collaboration with Sports Marketing Surveys.


Born in Manhattan, New York and educated in France, Belgium and Copenhagen, JJ made his debut in the industry in 2001 as a founding staff member of VeriSign Digital Brand Management Services Europe, which was later acquired by Melbourne IT DBS (now CSC Digital Brand Services). He joined the company in Malmö, Sweden just when it had acquired Network Solutions, Inc. JJ has since the beginning of his career been advising global companies on online brand management and assisting leading law firms with gaining control and visibility of their client's internet IP assets. He has all along been applying his experience, technology-insight and understanding of emerging threats towards brands online in order to develop unique value propositions in order to intelligently safeguard endangered digital assets. He holds an International Business degree from Niels Brock in Copenhagen

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