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No Domain Names - No Digital Marketing 
We deliver holistic and strategic digital brand managment programs to leading media agencies. Our initiatives support and secure both creation and protection of online brands covering from Internet brand identity establishment to proactive digital marketing and reputation enforcement strategies.
Protecting Marketing Budgets has Never Been So Critical

Digital marketing spend is set to reach $306 billion by 2020. This has attracted numerous types of abuse techniques such as affiliate fraud, pay-per-click scams, illegitimate online sales and traffic theft in general which need to be addressed proactively and with great attention.


Digital agencies of today combine technology and communication to create successful solutions. Actually, a wide comprehensive range of solutions from global websites and brand development to solutions for organizations and the public sector.


Creating marketing solutions also means promoting and creating online identity. Therefore we assist leading media agencies with protecting their clients marketing investments in relation to brand and product launches, mergers and acquisitions and when press releases are broadcasted as such activities make brands vulnerable if certain proactive actions are not initiated.


For more information on how we can add value to the delivery of your online marketing solutions, please contact us.

Affected Professionals

Digital Director

Digital Performance Director

Online Search Manager

SEO & SEM Director

E-commerce Marketing Director

Content Strategy Director

Critical elements

Digital Brand Protection Strategy

Domain Name Policy

Brand Protection Budget

Online Risk Assessment Auditing

Enforcement & Early Warning Policy

2010 - present

2010 - present

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