Digital Brand

Security Assessments

Do you know or understand cyber risks that could endanger your business operations and growth.


By assessing the degree of online traffic diversion, trademark abuse and related losses to fraudulent pay-per-click programs and illegitimate websites, brand guardians will be able to regain effective control of the company's digital assets.

Proactively defend your company's online revenue and protect brand by uncovering present brand infringements, fraudulent schemes and cyber risks

​​Around the clock, brands are targeted by experienced and highly skilled fraudsters whom are hijacking online traffic, indirectly gaining access to brands' online marketing budget and at the same time attracting loyal customes into fraudulent schemes such as fake competitions, personal data harvesting and fake online stores.

Today, local and international companies end up as pawns in a game where online scammers constantly are one step ahead, taking advantage of well-known brands. The results are ongoing loss of revenue, online traffic and customer trust.

Our services are tailored to your requirements and can include an intelligent global domain analysis, review of typical brand risk patterns, detection and review of cybersquatting, typosquatting and phonosquatting, keyword analysis based on search behavior and an objective evaluation of violation trends, risks and trademark enforcement needs moving forward.


Pre-launch Brand Security Analysis (BSA)

Prepare to launch your brand safely online. With this exercise your team can avoid unnecessary disappointments, legal costs, self-inflicted brand damage and vulnerabilities following the launch of a new brand or product.

Brand Risk Audit (BRA)

Identify online brand vulnerablities, infringement tendencies, types of fraud aimed at your brand together with critical security gaps.

Brand Enforcement Audit (BEA)

Detection, analysis and reporting of present instances of trademark infringement, e-commerce fraud, traffic diversion and email harvesting.

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Traffic is being redirected to i.e. third party sites or malice schemes.


Valuable domain name being registered by third parties

"a live picture of how fraudsters are taking advantage of your brand, will enable you to optimise your brand protection efforts with outmost precision."


Fake stores selling counterfeit products affecting revenues and consumer trust


Misrepresentation of the brand in foreign markets as a result of partner and agent domain name registrations.


Consumers are directed to sites containing offensive content.


Man-in-the-mailbox schemes affecting corporate security and confidentiality.


Fraudsters taking advantages of consumer search behavior and redirecting traffic via affiliate schemes.


Malware downloads, personal data capturing and fake competitions promising rewards