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Digital Marketing Protection

Protecting your marketing budget, online revenue and consumers has never been more crucial than it is today. The internet has made it possible for anyone around the world to take advantage of a company's digital marketing efforts and thereby create a negative impact on a company's digital profitability.


Never have companies and their brands been more vulnerable to financial loss and weakend reputation as a result of online brand mismanagement.


In order to combat growing speculative tendencies, we continue to develop proactive strategies which are designed to protect a company's online marketing investments and digital ROI.​

What percentage of your marketing budget is financing organised crime?*

Profiting from protecting your online marketing activities


This service focuses on widespread, powerful and destructive fraudulent schemes such as pay-per-click and affiliate marketing scams which have been put in place in order to attract and generate unqualified financial gains through traffic agencies and keyword ads.

Pay-per-click and affiliate marketing schemes can lure the web user to an illicit site offering counterfeit, pirated, or competitive goods through different tactics, in which a branded term is used to attract the user. Furthermore, a continuous growing amount of marketing investment can be lost as a result of bad faith traffic diversion via costly affiliate networks.

We work with clients to uncover these scams and create an overall action plan in order to gain control of the situation. Time is important as the customer experience also suffers when online marketing scams occur.


​More and more companies are turning to selling their product online and at the same time, more and more fraudsters are implementing indecent tactics in order to divert traffic to a competitor, counterfeit goods or even the brand owners own pay-per-click advertising.


We enable you to strengthen your brand online and proactively assess what actions to take in order to be ahead of typical speculative tendencies targetted at the brand's present or upcoming e-commerce platform.

Contact us to hear more about how we can assist you with securing your online marketing investments.

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