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Media & Entertainment Industry​​​​

We are familiar with the online risks confronting your industry

Leading media, independent artists and entertainment companies are extending their brands, content, and audience engagements across multiple channels including social media. Doing this successfully requires that content producers gain a comprehensive understanding of the many new and diverse ways that consumers are interacting with brands.

With the proliferation of mobile, web-based, and personal video recorder (PVR) viewing of content, consumers are relating less to the network or production company and more with the brand or the content itself. Leading media and entertainment companies are adapting to this change with more comprehensive brand and social media strategies that encompass every audience touch point.

Companies delivering content outside of the traditional network model put pressure on broadcast networks and stations to avoid erosion of revenue. But the “second screen” provided through mobile and social media delivery helps them tap new revenue streams for their content. This change creates a wider and stronger rapport to brands such as program names, artists names, concept names and event names and creates a larger risk for brand abuse, traffic theft and false association.

Tailored consulting services include;

  • Digital Media Brand Risk Analysis

  • Artist Brand Protection Strategy

  • Program & Series Digital Name Protection

Contact us for more information about our consulting services developed for the Media & Entertainment industry.​

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