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Zeusmark Proactive Series


The Proactive Series consists of a select list of introductory services which enables brand owners to take action towards addressing increasing needs for online brand security.

We will swiftly assist you with your present situation and provide you with relevant support.

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Brand Security

Vulnerability Audit

Our Brand Security Vulnerability Audit is geared towards uncovering and clarifying existing brand-based cyber  threats to your brand and business operations. This audit gives you a clear and concise overview of brand-based threats and vulnerabilities together with prioritised action points recommended to address these.

Get a hands-on look into your present situation in order for your to position your efforts as efficient as possible.

Brand Security

Workshop Session

Our Brand Security Workshop Sessions provide forward thinking companies, entrepreneurs and legal firms with expert and strategic brand security knowledge.

With the absence of the right people and the right knowledge, a company can go on for years without being aware of a myriad of online scams aimed at its brand and/or how these affect the company's operations and bottom line.

From domain strategy and online threats to cyber enforcement and inter-departmental policing - all related subjects can be covered.

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Brand Security

Trusted Advisor Program

The Brand Security Tusted Advisor Program provides strategic and cost-efffective guidance to brand protection and cyber security stakeholders, management teams and board directors. The program fosters an authentic and sincere relationship with brand owners, with a concentrated focus on continuously meeting the level of threat with optimal and effective guidance, risk-mapping and enforcement programs.

In order to optimally manage online brand security it is necessary to address risks at different levels within the organisation and from within isolated departments.

To learn more about how you can benefit from having a "Digital Brand Security Expert" on your team, please schedule a no cost initial consultation during which we will discuss your concerns and options to address them.

Brand Launch Naming Security Assessment & Strategy

The Brand Launch Naming Program enables ambitious and cyber responsible companies and

entrepreneurs to successfully select and launch a brand online with cyber security and brandjacking in mind in order to avoid unexpected related costs and critical cyber vulnerabilities post-launch.

This program covers all steps from the naming process to the future-proofing and establishment of the selected brand.

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