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Online brand security

Your Digital
Brand Security Partner

Fortifying your business, brand and
IP assets across the
digital landscape.

We help ambitious companies and organisations implement and manage online brand security and enforcement programs geared towards holistically protecting digital IP assets in the digital world.


We work at the intersection of IT, legal and digital marketing in order to defend your business and brands from evolving abuse and fraudulent activities while safeguarding consumer experience, privacy and trust.


Zeusmark provides global brands with consulting services and know-how to proactively build and maintain digital brand security and internet enforcement programs that lead to significant amounts of revenue streams reclaimed each year while future-proofing digital intellectual property rights.


We build client-shaped proactive strategies and managed solutions that create a secure, intentional and responsible online environment that matters to business continuity and e-commerce performance.

Transformation x Digital Due Diligence

No matter at what stage you are in the process, we will bring you to where you want to be. We make it happen.

Security Enablement x Visibility

We provide your organisation with all insights and relevant risk intelligence in order to make the right decisions.

Managed Solutions

We provide world-class talent & solutions

+ Learn about our capabilities

Security designed into your brand
Domain names, brand fraud awareness, brand launch risks, eCommerce piracy and brand impersonation.

Intentionally design security and fraud awareness into your brand for optimal success.
Reassess and optimise present online brand protection measures.
Proactively strengthen brand security measures against  brand-based cyber schemes resulting in revenue loss, data leakages and brand impersonation.
Gain a deeper psychological understanding of the present threat landscape while implementing ROI-based and future-proof enforcement policy models.
Execute enforcement actions with precision and address more threats while remaining cost efficient.
Shared Office

Access Our Proactive Series and Gain Powerful Insights and Actionable Support

Take Action and Get Your Valuable Brand Up To Speed With Evolving Online Tendencies and Threats

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Our security-focused portfolio design and cost efficiency services enhance your proactive brand protection posture, reduce costs, and streamline trademark rights across the internet while proactively taking tactical cyber fraud tendencies into consideration.
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Online trademark infringement and fraud come in many forms and shapes. Zeusmark experts analyse domain data, traffic theft, impersonation and tactical cyber espionage to also find hidden cyber threats not discovered by traditional monitoring tools.
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Based on a series of agreed threat vectors Zeusmark enforcement team will identify relevant infringements across the internet which are then carefully assessed, categorised and enforced. Our experts have extensive experience in removal of fx marketplace listings, mobile apps, social media accounts.
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Our services cover the full spectrum of online brand security, from policy and best practices development to program management and implementation of your tailored brand security program. Our holistic approach, based on decades of experience, uses scientific best-practice methodologies while taking evolving brand threats specific to your industry into consideration.
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"Our managed services provide tactical and client-shaped solutions to evolving brand threats"

Our domain recovery services are all conducted strategically on a global scale and include tactical counteractions such as cease and desist letters, ICANN complaints and representation in domain name disputes. Furthermore, registrant cooling-off strategies and anonymous acquisitions are also planned and conducted.

Having digital brand security-aware employees greatly reduces the likelihood of increasing incidences of revenue depleting activity and reputation-jeopardising schemes. Zeusmark provide workshop opportunities which share insights on fraudster tactics, interconnecting vulnerabilities affecting your business operations.
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The Internet is rapidly changing. Web3 is changing everything.

Secure your brand in the Web3 realm and prepare!

Establish a healthy Web3 Brand Security foundation for your business and receive proactive and strategic advice in order to future-proof your brand across the evolving decentralised Internet. Proactivity has never been as important as it is when securing IP rights across distributed ledger technologies (DLT).

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Defend Profits and Bolster Corporate Security by Reclaiming Hijacked Online Traffic


Find out how protecting your traffic and brand proactively can grow your bottom line, protect digital marketing budgets and defend against corporate espionage.

Bring Your Domain Name Portfolio up to Date With Today's Online Threats

Start avoiding unnecessary loss of digital rights and waste of internal ressources as a result of a weakened domain name portfolio design.

online brand protection
Recover Digital Assets Using a Holistic and Agnostic Approach to Achieve a Better ROI


Reclaiming critical domains in a prioritised manner results in a higher ROI and minimises legal and digital marketing expenditures.

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ZEUSMARK X is an initiative under development that helps innovative blockchain projects secure IP and digital assets with a focus on brand security and cyber defense.


Our objective is to bring digital brand identity solutions to the Internet of Value (IoV) with a specialised focus on digital threats and proactive digital brand governance in order to strengthen business continuity and operations integrity.

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Rethink Your Domain Name Strategy and​ Optimise Online Brand Security

With the constantly evolving climate of corporate domain name management and digital brand protection, building solid strategies and implementing best practices become more important every day. At the same time, the increasing complexity of brand protection online has created a major challenge for marketers and for guardians of leading brands.​

How Vulnerable Is Your Brand Online? How Does It Affect Profitability?

Find out what types of online risks impact your company.

​Learn more about our Digital Brand Audit​ and uncover the threats and abuse affecting your company's revenue, reputation and costs. Revenue loss and marketing budget leakage can be happening without your company noticing. Therefore it is paramount to have a proactive approach to keeping your company ahead of growing speculative and brand-jeopardising schemes.

Being Proactive Is Key In The Fight​ Against Digital Brand Abuse & Marketing Fraud

Cybersquatting and typosquatting is costing companies billions in lost revenue and legal costs, therefore forward-thinking companies are putting strategies in place to beat fraudsters at their own game instead of chasing them down. More than 70% of domain names containing a brand are not owned by the brand owner, therefore companies are raising the bar in order to deliver desired content and provide customers with safer online experiences.

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